About Angela Kelly Jewellery

Angela’s diverse jewellery ranges are inspired by history, nature and the beautiful Irish landscape, particularly Co. Fermanagh where she has lived for the last 25 years.

Within her designs she loves to capture the landscape and nature that she sees about her everyday, and particularly loves using the different stones sourced from all over Ireland. 

Angela designs and handcrafts a unique and elegant range of jewellery using Irish stone and sterling silver.  The rocks, fossils and gemstones, collected through out Ireland, are transformed by Angela into jewellery often described as “little works of art.”

Her inspiration comes from the colour and patterns in the polished stone and each stone shines out from an elegant setting, designed and handcrafted specifically for it. She loves using ancient Celtic symbols in her work but equally enjoys making pieces with a more contemporary feel.

Although best known for her Irish stone and silver ranges, Angela’s new contemporary silver and gold pieces are a hit with customers.  Here she combines texture, colour and unique design to produce one off pieces or limited edition ranges.

The Process

Angela Kelly’s Jewellery is handcrafted from Irish rocks and fossils collected from rivers, lakes, streams and quarries in counties Clare, Tipperary, Sligo, Leitrim, Fermanagh, Down and Roscommon. Attractive semi-precious Irish stones are collected and fashioned into an unique and  attractive range of rock and silver jewellery. All rock is collected from loose material and is not extracted from “raw” outcrop. Angela’s great love of nature, geology, hill walking and the great outdoors enables her to collect all the rocks (or raw materials) herself and call it fun!

The rocks, fossils and gemstones are hand cut using diamond bladed saws and carefully shaped and polished using diamond grinding wheels.  The polished stones are either set in unique handcrafted silver settings or fitted with beaten and polished silver wire fittings and ornamentation.

Her inspiration for each piece comes from the colours and patterns in the polished stone and designs are kept simple to give elegance and allow the stone to shine!  Occasional limited editions are prepared from rocks, minerals, gemstones and fossils from other parts of the planet.

Bespoke Jewellery

Angela combines silver, gold and stone with ease to create individual and innovative pieces, versatile enough to wear on any occasion. If you like her style, why not commission her to make you your own unique piece – perhaps using your own special stone?


Angela’s studio/shop is situated in the beautifully restored Buttermarket Craft and Design Centre in the heart of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. In this picturesque setting and relaxed atmosphere visitors are welcome to visit, browse and purchase from the wide selection of designs on display.  The shop is currently open Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm and closed on Sunday/Monday.

If you are looking for an exciting new gift or a special treat you won’t be disappointed!